Can you appeal more than once at a University?

Answer Okay, it sounds like you have two issues here. One is the bad GPA. The other is the too many hours. You can take and take and retake classes to up your GPA, but if you have too many attempted ho... Read More »

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How to Appeal an Admission Decision to the Engineering Limited Enrollment Program at University of Maryland?

The Clark School of Engineering at Maryland is a Limited Enrollment Program (LEP). Not everyone who applies will be admitted. This is a step-by-step guide to help those who are denied entry. This g... Read More »

University of Strathclyde Associates Business school as good as the Strathcyde University?

The University is not named "strathclyde associates" but "strathclyde university" with business school.....visit their website at

I am university student and simple use but i have to take laptop or notebook to my university and office....?

You want a laptop because it can do more than a notebook. You don't know all of what you have to do at the University, better to bring a gun to the fight instead of a butter knife, so to speak. H... Read More »

Is an online university more expensive than an on-campus university?

While the cost of tuition varies among both online and campus-based universities, online schools are generally less expensive. This is because online schools eliminate the costs of housing, meal pl... Read More »