Can you answer an iPhone while it's locked and how?

Answer No. If you are running 3.1.3 (the latest firmware) on any iPhone, then you can jailbreak without unlocking.If you are on a firmware below 3.0, I think you can jailbreak without unlocking.I would li... Read More »

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Can you answer a phone on a locked BlackBerry?

You can answer call on a BlackBerry smartphone when the device lock has been enabled. Simply press the green call button when the screen and ringtone indicate that the BlackBerry smartphone is rece... Read More »

When will an unlock for iphone 4 with the latest software of 4.2.1 be available so that I can use my iphone on a different carrier then the one it is locked to?

Is my iphone 3gs locked to att?

Well if you are using another carrier on an AT&T originally iPhone then it is unlocked.

How can you enter a locked iPhone?

press emergency call, type ###, hit call, quickly disable it. and you are now in.