Can you answer a cell phone while it is charging?

Answer You can answer your telephone while it is charging. Safety precautions include using the correct charger for your telephone, making sure the battery stays in good condition and avoiding getting the... Read More »

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Is it dangerous to use a cell phone while it's charging?

Did you get that E Mail that's doing the rounds? shows a guy burnt and blown up with a smoking mobile nearby, I think it's a fake, as the charger only gives out 9 volts!

How to Use Your Cell Phone While Its Still Charging?

You don't know how to use your cell while it's charging? Here's the article for you!

Phone battery losing charge while charging?

Using your comp to charge it supplies lower voltage to the phone. If you're using it while its charging then the comp could possibly not be able to supply enough wattage to overcome usage. Charge... Read More »

Is it safe to text on a phone while it's charging?

texting while charging isn't safe, it may not explode but if it doesn't it will most likely try to eat you.