Can you answer a cell phone while it is charging?

Answer You can answer your telephone while it is charging. Safety precautions include using the correct charger for your telephone, making sure the battery stays in good condition and avoiding getting the... Read More »

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How to Use Your Cell Phone While Its Still Charging?

You don't know how to use your cell while it's charging? Here's the article for you!

Is it dangerous to use a cell phone while it's charging?

Did you get that E Mail that's doing the rounds? shows a guy burnt and blown up with a smoking mobile nearby, I think it's a fake, as the charger only gives out 9 volts!

Do cell phone chargers use energy when they're not charging?

Yes, cell phone chargers use energy when they aren't charging. Once the phone has finished charging, the charger (and similar devices) still draw a small amount of electricity from the outlet.Refer... Read More »

If you charge your cell phone up from the computer is that cheaper than charging it up from the wall/outlet?

The difference is very small during the charging period itself, but the phone's charger uses electricity while it's sitting idle so you should unplug it from the wall as soon as it's done. Feel the... Read More »