Can you advise me please!?

Answer His system should maintain the installation of Norton, but any settings that changes within the program will most likely return to default.

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Still no bfp please advise me :'(?

Hello hun...I know how your feeling... Ive had to stay away from Y/A for a bit because I find myself thinking about it too much and deep down I just want to forget about TTC for a while.. 17 months... Read More »

Please Advise Me On Clomid!?

Hey Honey,I know exactly what you are saying. I know there is some reason why doctors prescribe it for days 2-6....but I was prescribed it for days 5-9.My first month the clomid didn't work - but ... Read More »

Advise on camcorders please?

i think night vision is a gimmick. if you can swing it get a HD cam if possible. also, i think (but am not sure) that hard drive cameras compress your signal and will make it less than best quality... Read More »

Advise please re: Digital cameras?

These days, digital cameras are incredibly affordable. I would make sure you do your online research at websites like or which will help to ... Read More »