Can you adopt your godson if his parents are bad to him?

Answer Yes. When a father does not want his child, his Godfather can accept the duty role of paternal father figure for the life of the child.

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If a godmother leaves 3500 GBP to their godson in their will should the godson share that with his siblings?

Blood sisters are friends who want to be sisters so they cut them self and hold hands for 10 seconds and your blood sisters PS sisters

What happens when your parents adopt you?

I don´t think so. As a convicted sex offender he will get from the court and the police obligations... which will be that he won´t be allowed to live with children in the same house. There are ot... Read More »

Parents looking for children to adopt?

Any parent looking to adopt should check with their city/state about kids up for adoption. Contact a local adoption agency to find out who is up for adoption. Make sure you know if you want to hav... Read More »

Can you let your parents adopt your child?

yes they can adopt your child but just remember that you are giving up all your rights