Can you adopt your friend's child?

Answer lf your friends child OS for some reason up for addoption, than i guess you could.

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How do you answer what are your strengths and weaknesses for friends wanting to adopt a child?

AnswerIn most jurisdictions the termination of parental rights divests forever the parent and child of all legal rights, privileges, duties, and powers between each other except for the child's rig... Read More »

If you voluntarily give up your rights to your child and allow a relative to adopt that child can you adopt their children?

Your husband and you would like to adopt your friends baby This friend is married but the child does not belong to the husband How do you go about adopting?

Synonyms: apprehension, attention, care, cognizance, concern, consideration, ear, grasp, heed, mark, mind, note, observance, regard, remark, respect, thought, understanding Antonyms: heedlessnes... Read More »

Can your friends mom adopt you?

only with the permision of your parents or the courts