Can you adopt your eighteen year old grandchild in Arkansas?

Answer if he or she is 18, you don't have to. just get them kicked out and take them in yourself.

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Can you adopt an eighteen year old?

Is really important to adopt a child because you are giving him a home. Most important is that they need someone to take care of them and most important love them. The're a lot of kids that need a ... Read More »

If the child is under eighteen can the parent get custody of the grandchild?

Yes you can if you can prove the parent if unfit and can not raise the child in a stable environment.

How can you adopt a grandchild?

1st,Get a lawyer.They will help you fill out the paper work and everything.Cost aprox $10,000, I hope you can get a loan.I hope everything goes well with you and you grandkid!

Do you have to be married to adopt your grandchild?