Can you adopt your aunt as your childrens grandmother?

Answer You'll have to be 18.

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How are you related to your grandmother's aunt?

Your grandmother's aunt is the sister of either her father or her mother. That makes her the sister of one of your great grandparents, and therefore your great great aunt.

What if you would like to live with your grandmother instead of your aunt?

Answer Hmmm. If your grand mother is alot older than your aunty, which obviously she IS, it would be alot quieter to live with her, but alot less fun. Grand mothers prefer to watch television and ... Read More »

What is the relationship between 2 people when one's great grandmother is the other's aunt?

Person 1's great grandmother is Person 2's aunt: Person 2's parents are Person 1's great great uncle and aunt. Person 2 is a first cousin of one of Person 1's grandparents Person 2 is a first co... Read More »

How are two people related when one person's aunt is the other one's great grandmother?

When one person's aunt is another person's great grandmother, the relationship between the two is that of First cousins, twice removed.