Can you adopt your 18 year old stepdaughter?

Answer You can't adopt an adult.

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Can you adopt your 9 year old stepdaughter in Ontario?

How long to adopt a Singapore stepdaughter?

The answer for each man that wants to adopt or has considered adoption will be as unique as that man. (were not all the same) I joined the Air Force when I was 20 years old and have changed countri... Read More »

Your stepdaugher has been with you for three years and her real dad has never been incontact what is your right to adopt your stepdaughter?

What can you do if your 15 year old stepdaughter left with her 22 year old boyfriend in scranton PA and only calls the boys house to say shes not coming back and we live in another country HELP?

In any state in the U.S. that is by far illegal. But in order to press charges the custodial parent or guardian would need to press charges. Of course there are other ways, you can always contact t... Read More »