Can you adopt someone older than you?

Answer The answer varies based on location. In some places it may be allowed, but not in others. You would need to check the laws in your area. It IS possible to adopt an adult... but in order to adopt so... Read More »

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How do I adopt an older child?

Photo listingsReview medical terms of common childhood disorders before looking at photo listings of waiting children on various internet sites, including These sites list the ch... Read More »

Are people that were adopted more likely to adopt when they are older?

Answer My fianc'e was adopted and when we get married we both decided to have our birth child and than go and adopt a child in need. I am so happy that he was even willing to try to adopt a child ... Read More »

Can your older sibling and their spouse adopt you?

Answer Depending on the circumstances, yes, it is possible. Check with an adoption attorney or a social worker about your situation and the laws in your state.

"You should not adopt children older than 5, because they are too messed up" -- Can you believe this?

We read the bulletin for a 13 year old girl who's mother died a year ago. Her father refused to take care of her. Her mother was a GOOD mother. No drugs, no neglect, no abuse. This girl is in a... Read More »