Can you adopt nineteen year old?

Answer depending on if your responsible enough, its a maybe

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Places to Host a Party for a Nineteen Year Old?

One of the biggest factors when it comes to planning a party is deciding upon a suitable location. Although you may choose to have a house party to celebrate your 19th birthday, there are many more... Read More »

What is a pregnant nineteen year old to do when she has no place to go and no money?

I know it seems hard and it is, but you WILL get through it. There are alot of things the govt. does to help pregnant women such as insurance, WIC(money from them to buy milk,cheese,baby food), etc... Read More »

Can adoptive grandparents force a nineteen year old to move with them out of state?

Nineteen year old, part time employed female college student... how much will a bank loan me if...?

The bank wouldn't even give me a credit card with a 500 dollar limit when I was in your situation, much less 15 000 dollars. But if your brother or mother in law has good enough credit, there's no... Read More »