Can you adopt just because you want to?

Answer Sure there no reason why u can't. You don't need a reason to adopt a child, your doing it out of the goodness of your heart

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You want to adopt your nephew because his parents are dead He has not been living with you for more than 6 months what else can you do?

What do you do if you just turned 13 and you realized you are growing up and it makes you extremely sad because you don't want to grow up?

Answer Our lives are like a good book and there are chapters in that book and our lives are just like chapters. You can look at turning 13 as a bad thing, but just think what is in store for you ... Read More »

Can an unmarried mother refuse to allow the biological father to establish paternity knowing he wants to just because she wants her boyfriend to adopt the baby instead?

AnswerHe can get a court order, but until he does, you do not have to. As far as your boyfriend wanting to adopt the baby, the biological father has to sign his parental rights away before adoption... Read More »

Do you need a sim card to use an iphone because I want to get a iphone 4 but i just dont want to use the phone on it. Will the iphone work without a sim card apart from the phone?