Can you adopt children from another state?

Answer yes

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What are some reasons Americas adopt children from another country?

Because the need of being adopted is bigger in some countries where people are really poor and the orphanages are really bad. In the USA a child can get treatment and the right upbringing if they h... Read More »

Can two separate families adopt children from a mother who can no longer support her children and wants to relinquish her rights?

ADOPTION THE VERY SIMPLE answer is yes. BUT...there are a lot of buts. If a parent wishes to give up or "relinquish parental rights", the state agency that handlesfoster care, adoptions, temporar... Read More »

How to Adopt a family member from another country?

i shd think so!I don't know your situation, but maybe the 18year old mother should speak to the father, if she hasn't already.Again, i don't know what you've done about it, but maybe, if its your d... Read More »

Requirements for an Oklahoma State Teacher Certificate Transfer From Another State?

The Oklahoma Department of Education requires that all public school teachers be licensed before teaching. A teaching credential is a license conferred by the state of Oklahoma to teachers who have... Read More »