Can you adopt a person to become your nephew?

Answer You can adopt someone to be your child but to be your nephew he had to be adopted by your siblings. Then he will be your nephew. There is no nephew-adoption.

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Can you adopt your 20-year-old nephew?

Answer Your nephew is no longer a minor and quite capable of looking after himself. He's considered an adult now so the normal adoption process that would be used for a minor doesn't apply here. Ho... Read More »

How can you adopt your nephew if your brother has been sent to prison for a long time?

I assume it's not the step parent that is granted visitation. This is something the step parent and spouse have to work out since it's the spouse who has asked for visitation and therefor it's her ... Read More »

How can you adopt your nephew since of your deceased sister and the father is not on the birth certificate?

i shd think so!I don't know your situation, but maybe the 18year old mother should speak to the father, if she hasn't already.Again, i don't know what you've done about it, but maybe, if its your d... Read More »

What is the least expensive way to adopt your unborn nephew?

Answer The least expensive way is to be sure that the mother is willing to give the baby to you for adoption. I don't know what the circumstances are or how young the mother is, but really think o... Read More »