Can you adopt a 20-year-old unrelated person if they want to?

Answer 19 or 18

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Can a person adopt a child internationally of 17 year old?

We are trying to adopt a sibling group internationally. The oldest is 17 right now and we have been told by the state department and USCIS that with the new Hague regulations you cannot adopt anyon... Read More »

Should a person who was molested as a child engage in hypnosis or counseling if they cannot remember who the abuser was and they want to find out?

Hypnosis doesn't work on everyone, but it's worth a try. It's important for you to remember. Our brain is a wonderful tool and when some people such as yourself have gone through such a trauma your... Read More »

You want to adopt your 18 year old grandaughter?

If she is your birth mother, she is your mother by necessity of implied Definitions, and physics. Some folks, who were adopted at birth, regard the adoptee's as the true parents, but the Fact is, y... Read More »

You want to adopt your 18 year old granddaughter?

My 18 year old granddaughter has lived with me all her life. We mutually want to go ahead with adoption, as she wants to have me and my late husband on her birth certificate. We live in West Virgin... Read More »