Can you add your child to your car insurance policy if he is married?

Answer Answer I doubt it. He/she is probably no longer in your household, which is generally the boundary of your policy.

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Whose insurance would be primary for a child if her parents are not married and his birthday is first but the child is the mother's dependent and no court orders are present?

AnswerWhen you say "whose" whom do you mean? Mother's, Father's, Child's (might have his own with Healthy FamiliesWhy does it matter whose coverage is first - just turn the bills in and let the Ins... Read More »

If a woman has no insurance when she gets pregnant but does not visit a doctor until after she gets married will the husband's policy cover her?

Answer Yes, if it's Group Insurance and she gets added to the policy within 30 days.For more info see

When a married couple has two cars should they have one combined auto insurance policy or two separate policies?

Answer You need to have one policy that way you will be eligible for the "multi-car discount"

Can you put your married child's car on your car insurance?

Answer Yes, but you must state who drives the car and be sure it covers him/her as well.