Can you add a brother who only has his permit to your insurance?

Answer Answer As far as I know, all drivers that live in your home must be listed on your insurance policy. Although i don't think you have to list someone with a permit. If the older sibling is at least ... Read More »

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Whose insurance covers you if you drive a friend's car but only have a learners permit and your parents have the same insurance company?

Answer I hope you're asking this before you need to know, not after.In most cases the insurance is on the car, not the driver, so it would be the car owner's insurance. Generally, the insurance wil... Read More »

If you are hit by a unlicensed driver on a permit driving another person's car that had liability insurance can you sue the owner or the insurance company for your injuries?

Answer Yes, without a doubt. The owner bares the true responsibility.

If your auto insurance policy has you and your brother as drivers and your brother is not dependent on you and he has an accident with a car owned by him can you also be dragged into a lawsuit?

Answer Your brother is the only person, in this case, who can be sued. Unless you were in the car and your brother accuses you of distracting him on purpose, you can't be sued and should have nothi... Read More »

In respect of travel insurance what would you consider your brother's wife's brother relationship?

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