Can you actually win money on WorldWinner?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, If You Have Enough Skill.WorldWinner is an online company that allows people to wager on a collection of skill based games (from Scrabble to Bejeweled)--with modifications to redu... Read More »

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Do people actually get the money they won in game shows?

Contestants actually get the money that they win on TV game Shows. However online gaming sites, scams, and others use the names from these shows is a slightly changed form to con money from people.... Read More »

Does google Adsense actually send the money it owes you?

You will not have met the Payment Threshold which will be at least $100.

I want to sell one of my kidneys so i can get to hawaii, is that possible, would someone actually pay money fo?

It's against the law…This doesn't mean you can't find someone to do it illegally...but do you trust 1) the medical credentials of the people doing the job... Read More »

What do donors to Wikipedia think their money is helping pay for What does it actually pay?

When examining the Wikimedia Foundation ("WMF") Annual Plan for the current fiscal year (2010-2011), I found this spending breakdown:Salaries and wages:$ 8,972,000 (44%)Internet hosting: $ 1... Read More »