Can you actually die from tooth absess?

Answer you can if you let it go too long its an infection....but before you die you get really sick will start running a fever eventually

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Tooth i had root canal a while ago has absess now?

you need treatment, it will NOT heal on its own!!!

Is it possible to restore tooth enamel If not, what does this toothpaste actually do?

Tooth enamel cannot be replaced. All these toothpastes do is separate you from your money.

Did you know there is a vitamin you can take if you have a loose tooth and it will actually tighten back up?

No, I didn't. Which vitamin is it? Happy Monday, my friend!! :)Hugs!!

Emergency: Can tooth pain be "transferred" from one tooth to another?

It is called referred pain, the teeth run along a set of nerves that intertwine and you can feel pain in a perfectly good tooth and find out that another tooth is the culprit. Pain can be transfer... Read More »