Can you activate a rogers phone at aliant?

Answer GSM and CDMA are the two technologies that cell-phone companies use to transmit calls over cell towers. The networks are incompatible. Rogers uses GSM technology and Aliant uses CDMA technology the... Read More »

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Can i use a Bell SIM card in a Rogers phone?

It is possible to use a Bell Mobility SIM card on a Rogers Wireless telephone. Both Bell Mobility and Rogers operate GSM networks in Canada at both 850 and 1900 Megahertz.References:GSMWorld: Canada

Can I put 2 phone numbers on one Rogers SIM card?

A SIM, or Subscriber Identity Module, card is a small computer chip mobile users need to make and receive calls. The chip holds the user's subscriber profile as well as any names and phone numbers ... Read More »

Can I use a Virgin SIM card in a Rogers phone?

A Virgin SIM card can be used in a Rogers phone only if it has been unlocked. A "locked" phone has software installed that only enables it to recognize the SIM card of a particular carrier. Unlocki... Read More »

How to Activate All of Your Home's Phone Outlets for VoIP Phone Service With DSL Internet?

If you subscribe to a nationwide VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service, you may find out that they only supply one phone jack, and that they have no plans to activate the phone jacks that you... Read More »