Can you a baby have a name with numbers in it?

Answer Maybe, well I think it needs to be accepted by the medical staff or something. But here are some of the ideas you wouldn't probably do : -St3v3-413x4nd3R well i wouln't name my child with letters... Read More »

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If you put the father's name on the birth certificate does the baby have to have his last name?

My ex-husband put his name on my oldest daughters birth certificate when she was about 5 years old. I didn't change her last name to his. It's a personal choice if you are not married to that person.

What was the name of the kids cartoon with the baby monsters that had Baby Frankenstein in it?

Why does computer hardware always have incomprehensible numbers and letters in it's name?

Because if they just said, "Right Good Graphics Card" then none of the tech hungry will go near it.It has to be a "GXUltraTurbo9000" (Windows XP Certified with a whole range of beta drivers and lim... Read More »

Can you be pregnant with twins and have one baby be tubal and deliver the other baby?