How do you or can one watch IBA News in English from Israel on an iphone 4 if so how?

Answer supposedly castup has just created an app for the iphone (1/15/12) that I believe would enable one to do this. I have read several reports of the launch, but so far have not been able to find a dow... Read More »

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Does anybody else feels that israel should send their own security to the Olympic games this year?

Let me add to Y.K. Cherson answer.The Israeli government has reportedly dispatched agents from its internal security service Shin Bet to protect its team of athletes.Meanwhile Israel’s foreign se... Read More »

If Israel unilaterally attacks Iran and Iran responds by declaring war on Israel do USA-Israel accords obligate the USA to declare war on Iran?

Answer 1 The US must do whatever Israel tells it to do. Answer 2 The United States is not obligated by any standing treaty between the United States and Israel to intercede in Israel's defense. To ... Read More »

What website can you send a topic or news headline to late night with David Letterman?

Bbc news who are the news readers on the morning news today?