Can you OD on Caffeine Pills?

Answer You are in more danger from being at risk of a psychotic break from the sheer stupidity of your behavior than you are from the caffeine. Yes, you can overdose on caffeine, and I'm not going to tell... Read More »

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What do caffeine pills do?

They are a drug and you'll become an addict if you take it every day. it's meant to keep you awake but the energy is not long lasting just like coffee and it depletes you of your vitamins. Also too... Read More »

Mixing weed and caffeine pills?

i smoke cannabis and drink coffee all day. it depends on the weed your smoking also. indica is the body high, which makes you tired, sativa makes you more energies and more of a head high. you thin... Read More »

How much caffeine is in green tea pills?

Green tea pills are a dietary supplement to help improve health. While green tea is beneficial for you and contains healing properties, it does contain approximately 5 mg of caffeine per two 250 mg... Read More »

Wheir to buy caffeine pills, in stores?

The pharmacy departments will usually have it, original brand names are "No-Doz" and "Revive" and there are store brands too. We used to take them at school, before amphetamine deficiency became a... Read More »