Can you Identify this Female Model She's very pretty.?

Answer Elaine Alden.

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Is she pretty(shes my best friend)?

You both look like you are about 13 or 14. She's pretty but I think you are a lot prettier.

Do you think shes pretty... honestly (picture inside)?

OMG, she is SOO pretty. She has abs, big boobs, pretty smile, pretty hair and soo much more. I would give her an 8.5 but I dont know why she would feel bad about herself.

Do you think she is pretty enough to be a model?

She doesn't have the body of a runway model, but she would be alright for a catalogue model maybe. She honestly is very pretty, but I'm not sure if she is model pretty. She doesn't have strong enou... Read More »

Pretty enough to model?

one word your so ****** pretty like no lie yes you have the exotic look your so pretty your question was worth answering theirs some ppl that think they can model but they cant neways go for it grl... Read More »