Give me something really random (but passable) to try and find on ebay?

Answer How about a real blue rose?Not sprayed, not dyed, but actually blue!And contrary to common belief, as of 2004, they do exist.Good luck! Let me know if you give up and i'll give you a link.

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I want to make a slide show about something random can you give me ideas?

If you're looking for ideas, try the following website:http://www.instantimagers.comThey have video loops with titles you can use as intros. Make a slideshow based on those video loops. You can d... Read More »

How to Determine the Usefulness of a Baseball Statistic?

RBI and HR are not necessarily the best stats to measure the value of a hitter with.Ah, statistical measurement in baseball, an inexact science with tools ranging from the simple (RBI, HR, etc.) to... Read More »

How to Use the Durbin-Watson Statistic in Excel?

The Durbin-Watson is a test that statisticians use to see whether data are correlated. In other words, you might want to find out whether a particular event was caused by another event. The test wa... Read More »

What does the t statistic mean?

A t statistic is a measure of how extreme a statistical estimate is. A t statistic is determined by subtracting the supposed value of an estimate and then dividing by the standard error.References:... Read More »