Guys, describe your perfect girl...?

Answer 1.CHRISTIAN 2.personality=cute personality,funny,happy,confident,fun to be with,not a try hard,not a slut,honest,humble,content with who she is and what shes got,just overall nice.3.pretty=short,lo... Read More »

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Describe your Perfect Outfit!?

colored jeans, a pretty (little bit lacey shirt) with black stilettos or sparkly wedges :) and either silver hoop earrings/ pretty ones

Describe your dream girl (guys)?

I like a nice good girl type of look. And natural beauty type of look

How to Be a Perfect Girl?

Ever wondered how to be perfect? Don't you wish there was a guide that could tell you how to be the best that you could possibly be? Your wish has been granted. Just a note though, you are perfect ... Read More »

How to Be a Stereotypically 'Perfect' Girl?

In high school, there always seems to be the flawless girl who is smart, pretty and good at everything. Whether it sports, in class or her social circle, everything seems effortless and wonderful. ... Read More »