Guys, describe your perfect girl...?

Answer 1.CHRISTIAN 2.personality=cute personality,funny,happy,confident,fun to be with,not a try hard,not a slut,honest,humble,content with who she is and what shes got,just overall nice.3.pretty=short,lo... Read More »

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Describe your Perfect Outfit!?

colored jeans, a pretty (little bit lacey shirt) with black stilettos or sparkly wedges :) and either silver hoop earrings/ pretty ones

Describe your dream girl (guys)?

I like a nice good girl type of look. And natural beauty type of look

How to Be a Perfect Girl?

Ever wondered how to be perfect? Don't you wish there was a guide that could tell you how to be the best that you could possibly be? Your wish has been granted. Just a note though, you are perfect ... Read More »

How to Get the Perfect California Girl Look?

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