How to Cosplay As Edward Cullen?

Answer You all probably have that special someone who you desperately want to dress up as Edward, against his protests and claims of leaving you should you go through with the plan.Now, no one will have t... Read More »

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How to Make an Edward Cullen Costume?

Creating a "Twilight" costume is fairly simple. The characters resemble typical humans, so mimicking their styles of dress probably doesn't require a trip to the costume store. You can achieve the ... Read More »

How can Edward Cullen stick it up and have sex if he has no blood pumping through his veins?

haha!!!! good question! maybe thats where his super strong stregnth comes in handy! or maybe bella has to help a bit! ♥=D

How to Look Like Bella Cullen?

Bella Cullen as a vampireBella Cullen is the beautiful vampire in breaking dawn. If you want to be like her then read on.

How to Act Like Renesmee Cullen?

Renesmee CullenRenesmee Cullen:the adorable half vampire-half human hybrid. She is the daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen, and the imprintee of Jacob Black. You can be just like this rare and uniq... Read More »