How to Be an Idealist?

Answer Anyone could have some strongly held ideals, but not be an idealist all the time. Ideals are not just rules to be broken. The idealist almost all of the time has strong beliefs or character even if... Read More »

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Good Careers for Idealist Temperaments & Personalities?

The idealist is one of the categories of workers identified by the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, a personality test that divides individuals into one of four large groups. Idealists tend to consider ... Read More »

Madame bovary struggle of a romantic idealist with realism?

Madame Bovary can be seen as a struggle of a romantic idealist with realism. Emma's attempts to spark love in her relationship with Charles by reading poetry together, etc. demonstrate that Emma Bo... Read More »

Was American foreign policy idealist or realist between 1895 and 1945?

No. That would be contrary to the concept of the separation of church and state.

Please anyone define CDF?

CDF stands for Channel Definition Format. It's a text file that denotes what you have available on your site. And it's what sets up your Active Channel. Here's what my CDF file, named goodies.cdf, ... Read More »