The desert light is so bright what is the best way to photograph the desert with a digital camera for the layperson?

Answer Answer Whenever taking a photo try to put the sun directly behind you so that it is lighting up the target. Also your camera may have a setting that will change the exposure time for the picture, l... Read More »

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How to Draw a Desert?

A desert is a landscape with a very dry climate. Not many kinds of plants can survive over there. But there is something beautiful about deserts. Let’s learn how to draw one!

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When driving through the desert, the road seems endless. There is nothing around for miles and miles. Nothing but desert plants, dry sand, and heat. If your car should break down, and you find your... Read More »

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The desert is an abstract place. Thousands of people visit deserts every year, and with more and more people heading to the desert back country, it is important to know how to travel and avoid dehy... Read More »