Can yeast infections affect pregnancy?

Answer On One Hand: No Major Medical ProblemsAccording to the American Pregnancy Association, yeast infections are common during pregnancy, particularly during the second trimester. A yeast infection isn'... Read More »

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Are yeast infections common during pregnancy?

A woman is more likely to get a yeast infection during the second trimester of pregnancy than at any other time during her life. A harmless white discharge during the second trimester is also commo... Read More »

Are yeast infections harmful during pregnancy?

Though a yeast infection is more common during pregnancy that at any other time in a woman's life, and while they can cause discomfort, they have no negative impact on a pregnancy.Source:American P... Read More »

How to Prevent Yeast Infections During Pregnancy?

Yeast infections are a common complaint among pregnant women. The pH level in the body is very delicate, and during pregnancy, the yeast and acidic levels can easily become imbalanced leading to an... Read More »

Can yeast infections be a sign of pregnancy?

Well, I just positive today and have had a yeast infection for the last three. I have had five pregnancies (2 ended in miscarriage) and every time I got a yeast infection just days before testing p... Read More »