Can workers'comp make me change doctors?

Answer Worker's compensation can't make you change doctors, but your right to choose the doctor varies. In many states, employers can require the doctor to be chosen from a list, but generally must pre-no... Read More »

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How to Change Doctors?

Sometimes, a patient may feel that it is in their best interest to change doctors. While you could simply leave and start seeing a new doctor, there are generally a couple of things to be resolved ... Read More »

Is it disturbing that doctors and wanna be doctors hang out in the alternative section....?

Very well said. Yes, it is extremely disturbing. The agenda is to discredit natural healing. This does a disservice to those seeking answers, probably impeding their healing. They not only disc... Read More »

Anyone knows where can I find a list of the best glaucoma specialists/doctors in London. private doctors only.?

just use the yellow pages or whatever the equivilant of the yellow pages is in england

How Much Do Osteopathic Doctors Make?

Osteopathic doctors specialize in an alternative form of medicine known as osteopathy. Osteopathic procedures are similar to many conventional forms of Western medicine, often utilizing traditional... Read More »