Can women have too much milk?

Answer No, breast milk is made by supply and demand. That very full filling when breast milk first comes in doesn't last long.

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Why do women constantly say that they don't have enough milk?

I do understand what you are saying. I've been wanting to say the same thing on here but was never game enough!Granted there are women out there that may not have enough milk to satisfy their baby ... Read More »

What are the benefits of soy milk for women?

Soy milk offers many benefits for women. Cancer prevention is a particularly important health benefit associated with drinking soy milk, but there is a long list of other benefits.CancerSoy milk is... Read More »

Why a pregnant women should drink plenty of milk?

To have enough calcium for bone development of baby . your answer here...

Why are there so many women on here that say their breast didn't produce enough milk?

Why are there so many women on here that worry about other women not producing enough milk? Aren't there better things to worry about?Most women can produce enough milk, but it can take weeks to b... Read More »