Is bladder cancer related to prostate cancer?

Answer Prostate cancer is a form of adenocarcinoma--a cancer that develops in glandular structures that line certain organs--that can spread to the bladder. Adenocarcinomas can also occur in the stomach, ... Read More »

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How bad is stage 4 prostate cancer?

Stage 4 prostate cancer is not curable and your father would have been told this.It does not mean it has spread to multiple places in his body.He is unlikely to ever see an oncologist.Attitude has ... Read More »

Is prostate cancer contagious?

Neither.Like all cancer's it is a cellular malfunction. You can't 'catch' it from anyone else.However, the ability to ask completely and utterly stupid questions can be transmitted sexually.

How to Treat Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is made up of cells that grow abnormally, they then divide and create unneeded cells that form a mass of tissue (tumor). These atypical cells may spread to other parts of the body, ... Read More »

Can you die from prostate cancer?