Can women feel sperm go inside of them?

Answer No. Women do feel slimey when the semen liquiefies and comes out.

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Do women feel it when you come inside of them without a condom do they feel the sot of come?

It depends on the women. Some women do, some women don't. You could casually bring it up without actually asking her, if you are embarrassed to ask her. Maybe she will tell you if she did or not.

Women 23-30 would you date a guy a young man 18-21 im in shape teenage girls feel free to answer n look inside?

I would defiantly date you (: rate: 10Improve on... Talking to girls I guess because your already good looking My age: 17 soon to be 18Friend that's sitting with me agree's too and she's 24 about t... Read More »

How can you tell the difference between men sperm and women sperm?

Help, I got sperm inside my laptop monitor, what do i do?

what was your target?suck them all to clean the monitor..