Can withdrawal from lyrica cause ear aches?

Answer On One Hand: Earaches Are Not Commonly ReportedThe makers of Lyrica do not report earaches as a possible symptom of withdrawal from the medication. The most commonly reported Lyrica withdrawal symp... Read More »

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Can anemia cause body aches?

Can asthma cause body aches?

Body aches are not a symptom of asthma. The most common symptoms associated with asthma include shortness of breath, wheezing, tightness in the chest and frequent coughing. According to the America... Read More »

Can knee problems cause thigh aches?

Sciatica, groin strain, a thigh injury or a strain or fracture of the femur are common causes of thigh pain. But knees are frequently to blame for thigh pain since the knee joint connects the thigh... Read More »

Can smelling smoke cause body aches and fatigue?

Answer I developed this reaction after a prescription for asthma which I had a bad reaction to. Now whenever I am around smoke I become fatugued and feel sick for sometimes days. I strongly believe... Read More »