Can windows xp be reinstalled?

Answer On One Hand: With Installation DiskIf you have the Windows installation disk then reinstalling Windows is simple. Make sure that you have the CD installation key, insert the disk, and follow the on... Read More »

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I reinstalled windows and the resolution is somehow different. help?

After you reinstall windows, you need to download all the hardware drivers (graphics, processor etc) from the manufacturer of your computer so that your computer operates correctly. Currently you ... Read More »

Just reinstalled Windows XP. Is it normal to have same updates installed over and over again?

if u mean that u want to install updates for ur new xp, then u can. but be sure to restart after every update

I formatted & reinstalled Windows. I forgot how to set the I.P. address for broadband connection. Pls help!!!!?

Go to the control panel and click on network network connections. Find your connection in there and right-click and then choose properties. On the next screen choose "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" ... Read More »

Recently reinstalled Windows XP, now 'NO SOUND DEVICE' but in Device Manager: Everything working properly!?

Hey babe, try installing the software discs that came with the lappy. Or could always go into control panel . . . open the system folder . . . find the sound devices and remove anything wit... Read More »