Can white people use hair treatments for black people?

Answer I actually used some just last night for the first time last night. It works great! Goodluck ! (:

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Do white people like light skinned black people better then the dark ones?

Some do, some don't. but most of the time it depends on looks and personality. as you can see, tons of dark skinned black people are with white people and vice versa. it's really a shame that they ... Read More »

Do white people hate black people?

Why do white people think black women are...?

Ignorance and prejudice. Besides, there are alot of slim and trim black women around too. Genetics are everything. When I was in the marines I found black males can't swim worth a damn. Not all of ... Read More »

How to Draw Black-and-White Cartoon People?

Many illustrators begin their artistic journey with cartooning due to its popularity and prevalence on television and in print. Cartooning makes use of exaggeration and humor to tell stories. If yo... Read More »