Can wheat products cause arthritis?

Answer On One Hand: There is No EvidenceThere is no scientific evidence that wheat causes arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints that is often an auto-immune response, and the cause is not ... Read More »

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Does not eating wheat and dairy help arthritis?

Most dairy product are at the lower end of the scale for purine so they can be eaten safely Any product made with bakers yeast should be restricted in its use as the yeast is very high in purines.... Read More »

What OTC products can be given to a dog with arthritis?

Arthritis affects one in every five adult dogs in the United States. Although prescription medications are available for the treatment of arthritic dogs, several over-the-counter (OTC) remedies pro... Read More »

Do i use hard or soft wheat berries to make wheat grass?

Hard and soft wheat berries both germinate into wheatgrass. Ann Wigmore, who popularized wheatgrass as a health tonic, recommends using hard red winter wheat berries to sprout wheatgrass. Hard spri... Read More »

Can wheat germ be subsituted for wheat bran?

On One Hand: Wheat Bran and Wheat Germ are Very DifferentWhile wheat germ and wheat bran both come from the wheat berry, the two are quite different. Wheat bran is made from the outer husk of the b... Read More »