Can well water cause skin problems?

Answer On One Hand: Dry Skin and IrritationWell water can cause excessively dry skin that can be itchy, flaky and irritated. The mineral deposits in the well water can strip the skin of its natural oils, ... Read More »

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Can histamines cause skin problems?

On One Hand: Histamines Cause Skin ProblemsHistamines cause hives, which are itchy, red, raised bumps on skin, according to Histamines cause many allergic reactions, and many rashe... Read More »

Can medications cause skin problems?

On One Hand: Medications Can Cause Skin ProblemsMedications can lead to side effects on the skin. Medications--such as antibiotics, anti-fungal drugs and narcotic (opioid) painkillers--can cause it... Read More »

Problems With Well Water Pressure?

Well pump systems have supplied many homes with water for many years. These systems have a number of working parts that work together to maintain water flow rate and pressure. If any one of these i... Read More »

Does humidity cause skin problems?

On One Hand: Increased Humidity Contributes to Skin ConditionsHigh humidity, or moisture in the air, can contribute to acne, according to the Science Line website. Hot, humid conditions increase sw... Read More »