Can weeds grow on rocks?

Answer Yes, weeds can grow on rocks. Weeds may be defined as those plants whose benefit to humans is forgotten or unknown. They tend to be recognized by their ability to grow well where cultivated and orn... Read More »

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Quickest way to remove rocks and weeds?

6 ways to remove weeedsUse mulch to smother weeds.Douse weeds with boiling water.Soap weeds to death.Pickle weeds with vinegar.Give weeds a stiff drink of alcohol.Don’t let ‘em sprout!

How do weeds grow?

With water, soil, and light. Just like any plant.Under a UV light, watered and warmth make for a good harvest (:

What is the best product to use between slabs so weeds do not grow through?

Either lift them and put down a membrane, or point the joints with Polymeric sand, which will not allow weed growth to establish. Better still do both!

How to Get Grass to Grow in a Lawn That Is Mostly Weeds?

While most homeowners prefer to start yard projects in spring, according to the University of Minnesota at Morris, the best time to get grass to grow on a lawn that is mostly weeds is in the fall. ... Read More »