Can wearing tight jeans harm your baby?

Answer AnswerTight jeans are a big no-no. You don't need any pressure added to your stomach. But only if they are uncomfortable to you. Since the baby is in a cushioning fluid that protects him/her. But t... Read More »

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Will wearing jeans harm the baby?

no it is just unconfortableno it is just unconfortableno it is just unconfortable

How do you cure an itchy hive-like rash on the upper thighs that only happens in winter when wearing not-too-tight denim jeans?

%REPLIES% Answer Winter means dry skin. You may have a sensitivity to denim in the winter that you don't in the summer. However, I would see a doctor. Answer The other poster is correct ... see yo... Read More »

Is it safe for the baby if you are wearing a tight girdle to hold your stomach in?

Answer no it is not safe. why are you wearing a girdle if you are pregnant? you cannot hide it. it is nothing to be ashamed of!

How to Put on Very Tight Jeans?

If you have these totally awesome jeans but they're shrunk and you're getting fat and you still want to wear them this is how to get them on without use of power tools.