Can weak fuel pressure cause overheating?

Answer Fuel pressure that is too low will not cause overheating. However, it can result in rough idling, hesitation, weak and slow acceleration, "lean misfire," stalling and an increase in hydrocarbon emi... Read More »

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How to Perform a Pressure Check after Overheating?

After your car overheats, it's important to perform a pressure check. A pressure check will determine whether overheating is caused by improper pressure within the car's cooling system. It will als... Read More »

Can Lean Fuel Mixture Cause Overheating?

Modern engines use various checks and balances to adjust the fuel-to-air ratio inside the combustion chambers. If the engine manages this ratio poorly, many problems can arise---including permanent... Read More »

How to Diagnose a Weak Fuel Pump?

A weak fuel pump in your vehicle can prevent you from driving it. The fuel pump is responsible for providing enough fuel to the engine. If the fuel pump is not providing enough pressure to the engi... Read More »

How to Remove Pressure From the Fuel System for Replacing the Fuel Pump?

The fuel system pressurizes fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Fuel-injection systems meter the fuel injected for the cylinders by controlling the length of time the injectors are open. To inje... Read More »