Can we use one time pad (OTP) for internet encryption?

Answer…hope this helps! i also suggest you to have a good antivirus software for your pc.

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What Is Internet Encryption Software?

Encryption software is a privacy tool used to protect data stored on a computer or transmitted through the Internet. The software operates by using algorithms, or mathematical formulas, to scramble... Read More »

How to Find Internet Explorer 7 Encryption?

In Internet Explorer and other web browsers, encryption is a feature that secures the information you send to a secure website--for example, your user name and password for an online bank account--... Read More »

Is there Internet search experts available on internet who helps in real time through chat or over the phone ?

I would be happy to help you with any question you might have, all my contact information is visible so feel free to contact meAdditional Information: Hey I found the Internet God's website at http... Read More »

How do I connect two computers using dial-up internet so we both can be on the internet at the same time?

Hi,Since your using Dialup modem, it is technically not recommended to do so...You would need a router that supports Dial Up, most new ones are not feasible to do so.Actually all new routers do not... Read More »