Can we use octopus ink to refill our printer cartridges?

Answer My friend Billy and I tried this once and I can give you some pointers. 1 It takes more than 2 people to wrestle down an octopus with 6 foot tentacles.2 Octopi must be milked with great care or ... Read More »

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Stores that refill printer ink cartridges?

I don't know where you are, but most Walgreen's drug stores are now offering ink cartridge refills for $10 (BLACK) and $15 (COLOR)They do need to make sure that your cartridge is still useable so b... Read More »

Can I refill my printer cartridges with water?

Can you - absolutely.Should you - No.Refilling a cartridge with water or an incorrect ink will cause permanent damage to your printer.

How do I refill DeskJet printer ink cartridges?

Get ReadyRemove the ink carriage from the printer carriage. Remove the label from the top of the cartridge. Remove the contents from the refill kit. The color refill kits will have one bottle each ... Read More »

Is it worth it to buy the refill kits for my ink cartridges for my HP printer?

A 3rd option you might want to consider is to have a store refill your cartridge. Some outlets of Staples and Walgreens provide the service now. I didn't want to mess with the cartridge myself, so ... Read More »