Can we use natural killer cell against cancer?

Answer natural killer cell are responsible against the abnormal growth of body cells means cancer if we inject these cells in high quantity in a infected person than there is chance of reducing abnormal g... Read More »

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Can dogs get cancer from weed killer?

I suspect that stuff is far more dangerous than any benefit that might come from it. Personally, I hate the stuff - I spend a couple hours a week popping weeds out of the grass during the spring an... Read More »

Natural Ant Killer for Gardens?

Killing ants in your garden is tricky because you need natural products that will remove the problem, without damaging any of your plants. Mixing sugar and water or using the right plants will kill... Read More »

What Is a Natural Weed Killer?

When annual or perennial weeds push their way through the soil, a homeowner has to act immediately to reduce the competition weeds offer and control their spread. Chemical and natural weed killers ... Read More »

Is Weed(Ganja) a good cancer killer?

There have been, and continue to be, studies into the possibilities; but so far there is no proof that cannabis has any effect on cancer.There has been a study that indicates that cannabinoids migh... Read More »