Can we use 35mm films into diana F+, without using the 35mm back ?

Answer Yes. Get a popsicle stick cut to the same height as the 120 film roll. Tape the 35mm cassette to it. It will keep the cassette from shifting up and down in the film compartment.Thread the film fro... Read More »

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Which part of 35mm film measures 35mm?

With respect to "still" photography (i.e. not movies) the answer is no part.I derives the moniker from the fact that roll film first used in what we know of as the 35mm format was intended for movi... Read More »

Special effect 35mm films like Revolog Kolor?

These are rolls of film that have been pre-exposed to different shapes and sizes all over the picture befor you buy the film and use it.My guess is that is is a special niche market and for now, on... Read More »

Will a 35mm compact camera lens produce a better image than a 35mm retrofocus SLR lens?

The lens in a compact camera without a retrofocus design might seem to have an advantage of less complicated optics, but I am sure that there are multiple factors involved that I just do not unders... Read More »

What is a 35mm camera?

A 35mm camera is a photographic device used to capture images on 35mm film. Prior to the advent of digital technology, 35mm was the most popular type of camera and is still considered small-format ... Read More »