Can we take any medicine (tablet) along with cold drink?

Answer "What will..." is correct about some meds taken with food. The label or your pharmacist will tell you. I take all of my meds with pop. With some I eat food first, but I like taking the pills with p... Read More »

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Do you prefer your cold drinks with ice or not Is it the finishing touch already to a cold drink?

Almost always with ice, it just taste better to me.

Is cold or hot water best to drink ,i love cold?

Kor keeping your sound sweeter, I prefer hot water... But if it doesn't matter cold water is good.

What is the best medicine for a cold?

Antibiotics & time. Vitamin C, garlic tabs & echinacea, boost your immune system so you can fight bacteria and germs off. But that s a preventative not a cure.

How to Get Rid of a Cold Without Medicine?

Everybody gets a cold from time to time, but that doesn't make it more bearable! Here are some at home, natural ways to deal with your cold.