Can we take Vitamin C when we got flue?

Answer Yea you can, but it wont do anything. You should be taking vitamin C or multivitamins BEFORE you get sick. This builds up the nutrients in your system to ward off sickness and if you get it, it won... Read More »

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When should I take my multi vitamin?

I have been told by my doc that you should take vitamins at bedtime. This is because your body can absorb it overnight. If you take it early in the day, the next time you go to the toilet, you pee ... Read More »

If a vitamin says to take daily then how often should i take it?

I think you can only take the same vitamin once :-)

What is safe to eat when you have the stomach flue?

jelly toast, jello, gatorade, water, applesauce, fruit, soup, crackers.

Can dogs take vitamin C?

On One Hand: Lack of Scientific SupportConflicting anecdotal evidence raises questions about the health benefits of providing vitamin C supplements to dogs. Cornell University's College of Veterina... Read More »