Can we rely on the informations in wikipedia?

Answer Yes we can. All the info on Wiki is derived from several sources (linked to in the "References" section). even if some poor soul would happen to vandalize a page or two, it's likely that a responsi... Read More »

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Is wikipedia safe enough to get informations on?

It depends on the level of safety you want. Most Wikipedia articles are quite good, but it is not always clear whether the article has been written by a specialist on the subject, an amateur who re... Read More »

Can i rely on wikipedia?

Not completely, most information on wikipedia is reliable except for any facts you find that requires a citation, or anything that just doesn't sound possible.

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BBC web radio : How can I get informations of guests (at once)?

You could try the "Radio Times" and see if this helps you. However due to print deadlines some details may not be available.You could also try the website for the magazine; www.radiot... Read More »