How to Play Hangman?

Answer Do you and a friend want to play hangman? Read this article and you'll be able to pass the time.

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Who was the hangman at Nuremberg?

Joseph Malta, a United States military policeman, was the hangman at Nuremberg on October 16, 1946. Malta, in a November 1996 interview with Jon Marcus for the Los Angeles Times, said he enjoyed ha... Read More »

Who invented the hangman game?

Although the inventor of Hangman is unknown, the game dates back to Victorian times. It was first mentioned in 1894 in "Traditional Games" by Alice Bertha Gomme. It went by the name Birds, Beasts a... Read More »

Who is the inventor of the original Hangman?

The exact origin and original creator of the game Hangman is unknown. Hangman first became popular in the Victorian Era in England and its roots trace as far back as the 1870s.References:Amazon: Th... Read More »

Where did hangman originate?

The word-guessing game of Hangman most likely originated in England during the Victorian era. It was mentioned in the 1894 book by Alice Bertha Gomme titled "Birds, Beasts and Fishes."Source:Helium... Read More »